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5 September 2019

F&H Kawasaki, racing in Green

The F&H Racing Team and Kawasaki have claimed their first important title together; the Dutch squad has won the FIM European EMX250 title with Roan van de Moosdijk in only their fifth racing season.

Created five years ago by Harry Fase, the F&H Kawasaki team soon became a respected force in the GP motocross paddock; with the European title and strong performances in the MX2 World Championship they are now established as one of the main teams. “Everything started as my father dreamt of racing motocross when he was young but he never had the opportunity! My brother started riding later and my father’s dream was always to help kids so he started to sponsor several riders when his own F&H business was solidly established; then five years ago he decided to start his own team. We have advanced step-by-step, first in EMX 125, then EMX 250 and finally in the MX2 World Championship two years ago. We already had a couple of good results last year with our first GP podium and this year we have both riders in the top six and Roan van de Moosdijk claimed the European title two weeks ago so we’re very happy,” explained Harry's daughter Nathalie Fase who operates as team manager.
Team F&H Crone has been supported by Kawasaki Europe for several years and the two parties have established a strong relationship. “Since we moved to the 250 class we have always raced Kawasaki; my father has a Green heart and when my brother was racing it was already with a Kawasaki. We develop the bike within the team so we’re sure that all our development and our ideas stay in-house. Our main goal is to battle for the MX2 title and we have shown with Henry Jacobi and Adam Sterry that our bikes are competitive with the other brands,” continued Nathalie. Lining up three riders this season and contesting all rounds of the MX2 World Championship, the team has many sponsors and partners behind them. “We have many sponsors behind us that are not familiar to motocross fans as they are partners of our company F&H Crone, which has been producing boilers for the horticultural industry for fifteen years. We try to develop a mix between these companies and the MX world and it’s working pretty well; many of these sponsors didn’t know what motocross was but they have become real enthusiasts and every year we invite them to the races and even organise a special event in Assen.”
Natalie is one of the few women working in the motocross paddock along with former Kawasaki rider Livia Lancelot. “It’s a man's world, but for me that’s not a problem as everything is very clear if you do your job. I think everybody respects me though for sure at the beginning it was a little strange because I was one of the few women to work in the sport. For me it’s not a hobby but a job and we all work as hard as we need to as a team to reach our goals; I enjoy the challenge very much. I’m pretty busy as I have another job during the week but in our family we have always been working hard as there was not much money in the house; that’s the way our dad has brought us up,” she revealed.
Next season Roan van de Moosdijk will advance to the MX2 World Championship with the team, and they have offered Roan a great opportunity to prepare for the new challenge as he will enter the final two rounds of the series this weekend in Turkey and one week later in China. “Roan is moving up with us to MX2; he already showed us what he is capable of in Portugal and it’s important for him to race these two GPs to prepare for the future and discover what an overseas event is like. He has a huge potential, and for sure it’s important for a Dutch team to have a Dutch rider racing with us as we have many Dutch sponsors.”