7 Juli 2014 WSBK: Rennen 8 in Portimao (Portugal)

Das achte Rennen der WSBK und WSS fand am 06.07.2014 in Portimao in Portugal unter schwierigen Witterungsbedingungen statt und Tom Sykes und Loris Baz vom Kawasaki Racing Team waren sehr erfolgreich.
Tom Sykes gewann das Rennen 1 und sein Teamkollege Loris Baz belegte den dritten Platz. In Rennen 2 erreichte Tom "nur" Platz 8, konnte aber seinen Vorsprung in der Gesamtwertung ausbauen und führt nun mit 284 Punkten die Gesamtwertung an.

In der WSS hat Kenan Sofuoglu sich einen Podestplatz erkämpft und belegte den dritten Platz.

Tom Sykes: “I enjoy winning races and the good thing is that the Ninja ZX-10R is giving me the feedback to be able to do this so I am very happy at the moment. I had a poor start in race one and it is a long race round here, long enough race to make some corrections. I am happy because we had a good gap then the rain started to come. When you are leading the championship and leading the race you do not want to do anything stupid and it was very difficult to calculate the levels of grip because in some parts of the circuit it was raining more heavily than in others. The team gave me great pit board signals and luckily the cloud disappeared with a good amount of laps left, to go so I could take an advantage again. In the wet conditions of race two we had some issues but I cannot be disappointed because we have shown great potential. Sometimes we are dealt these strange races and there was too much for me to lose today. Some other riders made mistakes and so I extended my championship lead compared to when we arrived here.”
Loris Baz: “In race one I saw the rain at one time and I did not know how strong it was so I did not take to many risks until the rain had gone. I am really happy because yesterday I was struggling to be inside the top eight on a race tyre and we found some good things in the morning warm up, so well done to the team. In race two we have been struggling a bit to find our best real wet settings but we have made progress in that area recently. In the beginning I was missing some feeling so I was waiting a bit and had some visibility issues. I am happy enough because I found a good pace. We have made a good step in the wet here and we lost almost nothing in the championship standings, as I am only five points from second place.”

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Das nächste Rennen findet am 13.Juli 2014 in Lacuna Seca statt.


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