22 Mai 2018 Kawasaki to participate in Road to Wheels & Waves event

Kawasaki are supporting the 2018 Road to Wheels & Waves motorcycle lifestyle event by providing five Z900RS machines for the women-only road trip.

The number of female riders is increasing rapidly and to promote and stimulate this even further, multiple brands collaborated to make the “Road to Wheels & Waves” happen. During this event, five international female bloggers will each ride a Z900RS from Cannes to Biarritz in a four day road trip from June 11th to June 16th.
David Monbertrand, Marketing Manager Kawasaki Motors Europe: “We are thrilled to collaborate on this special event as it puts female bikers in the spotlight. The Z900RS is a modern tribute to the iconic Z1 and fits the concept of Wheels & Waves perfectly as it is so aspirational and a great base for personalisation. We wish the riders the road trip of a lifetime.”
The event in a nutshell
It is going to be a women-only trip involving the most famous bloggers of the bike scene, each representing their own country: Deimante Meilune (Tomboy_a_bit, United Kingdom), Erica Valenti (The Throttle Dolls, Australia), Adriana Pinto Martinez (Adrianapm3, Spain), Francesca Lai (Frenchissima, Italy) and Camille de Villartay (Kissnvroom, France).
The road trip will start from Cannes and end in Biarritz, making several stops at beautiful places like Saint Tropez, Montpellier, Narbonne and Tarbes along the way. At the final destination Biarritz, the bloggers and their machines will have a dedicated corner at Wheels & Waves 2018.
An interesting gathering of multiple brands is making this trip possible for an equally impressive group of women..  The main focus of the project is to unite women motorcycle enthusiasts while promoting the female take on the motorcycling lifestyle.
Details about the trip will be shared through the official "Road to Wheels & Waves" social media accounts:
Instagram: @roadtoww
Facebook: @roadtoww