Akrapovic Racing Exhaust System ZX-4R/RR

Akrapovic full racing exhaust system with stainless steel headers, collectors and link pipe and carbon fibre muffler.
Contains 2 holes for front and rear oxygen sensors and adapters to allow fitment of original M12 small of aftermarket big oxygen sensors. 
Plug is supplied to seal of one of the holes. Compact carbon fiber muffler with slash-cut carbon endcap.
Including removable stainless steel noise reduction insert. (± 105dB<->±107dB)
Power +1.6 kW (2.1 hp) at 14500 rpm.
Torque +2.2 Nm at 7000 rpm
Weight -5.2 kg

Should only be used in combination with fuel injection tuning to prevent engine damage and achieve maximum performance.
(Not for street use) 

Race Parts
These parts have been made for competitive racing or related use only. These parts are excluded from Kawasaki Warranty terms and conditions.