Pannier System Versys 1000 (S/SE)

Clean mount panniers that match the color and graphics of your bike.
The Quick-Release 56 litre (2x 28 L) Pannier System will even fit most full-face helmets. Panniers attach to the factory handgrips and give a clean look when removed. Features our One-Key System: the bike ignition key also fits the pannier locks. You can carry the panniers easily because they are equipped with hand grips. 

The Panier System consists of five partnumbers:
1- Pannier Set
2- Pannier Fitting Kit
3- Pannier Cover Set (Color) (99994-0422-***)
4- Deco Stripe Kit (Color) (99994-0423-***)
5- Lock Cylinder Set (Rotor kit)

Optional items:
6- Pannier Inner Bags - for convenience especially during multi-day tours (see accessory overview)