Akrapovic exhaust

This sporty and lightweight slip-on system with butterfly valve offers great performance and represents the first step in exhaust system tuning. Specially designed for Ninja ZX-6R with logo and carbon heat shield.

258EXP0096 is carbon euro-4 version of carbon euro-3 258EXP0021 + 258EXP0021A 

258EXP0021A has removable DB-killer with screw behind hole that is covered by little rubber cap.

258EXP0096 has fixed/removable DB-killer with screw hidden under carbon endcap (Same location as before, but hole needs to be drilled to get to the screw)

We homologated the Euro-4 carbon 258EXP0096 to also be used on older Ninja ZX-6R/ZX-6R-636 (2009-2016 Ninja ZX-6R models) (ZX600R/ZX636E/ZX636F/ZX636G) where carbon Euro-3 258EXP0021 and 258EXP0021A were used. Old already had butterfly valve.

Non Kawasaki branded product, produced and developed by Akrapovic, fully road legal.